Houston Orthodontics: Creating Beautiful Smiles

At Advance Orthodontics, our philosophy is to treat each patient the way he or she would want to be treated. This is why Dr. Karotkin is the Houston orthodontist who custom tailors treatment to suit each individual, according to the patient’s needs and desires. Advance Orthodontics Houston features a wide variety of orthodontic options. Whether the treatment involves Invisalign®, clear braces, or traditional braces, we utilize the latest technology and research to achieve the optimal results.

Invisalign: Clearly Straight Teeth

Dr. Karotkin offers both Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®. Both techniques use clear plastic aligners to gently straighten imperfect smiles. This technique is often favored because of the fact that no one will notice. There’s no wires or brackets glued to the teeth. Another benefit of Invisalign® is you can eat whatever you want. Since the aligners are completely removable, there are no food restrictions.

Braces: A Proven Smile Solution

Braces are the most popular solution to straightening patients’ teeth. They can treat a wide variety of orthodontic problems, including misalignment, crowding, gaps, underbites, overbites, and crossbites. Braces are comprised of three main components: arch wires, brackets and ligatures. While braces do come with food restrictions, it is a small price to pay for a long-lasting, beautiful smile.

Respected Orthodontist in Houston, TX

Beginning with your first visit, you will see that Dr. Karotkin and his staff take pride in delivering treatment in a professional and caring manner. Whether you have already received an opinion from another Houston orthodontist or have never been to an orthodontist before, come experience the difference at Advance Orthodontics.