Celebrating Thanksgiving with Braces

In order to avoid damaging your braces, it’s important to avoid eating certain hard and chewy items. Fortunately, many traditional Thanksgiving dishes are actually safe to eat! The Main Dish Whether you and your loved ones celebrate Thanksgiving with a roasted turkey or ham as the main course, they are both safe for your braces!... Read More

Happy Halloween!

AND HAPPY NATIONAL DENTAL HYGIENE MONTH FROM YOUR TEAM AT ADVANCE ORTHODONTICS! October celebrates both Halloween and National Dental Hygiene Month, isn’t that ironic?! To honor both celebrations, Advance Orthodontics offers you some quick candy tips. Keep your family’s smile looking great while you enjoy trick-or-treating. What’s Good and Bad Candy? GOOD – Chocolate because... Read More

Keeping Up With Flossing

Dental care is more than visiting your dentist or orthodontist every couple of months. It’s also about holding yourself accountable for at-home best practices. Brush your teeth well and… FLOSS! Why’s it necessary? Bacteria can solidify into plaque, which is a soft and sticky film that builds up on your teeth. Plaque contains millions of... Read More

Toothbrush, Toothpaste, & Brushing!

The History of the Toothbrush, Toothpaste and the Habit of Brushing Where did toothpaste and the toothbrush come from, and why do we brush our teeth twice a day? We explore all these questions and more beginning with the toothbrush and the habit of brushing. The Toothbrush and Brushing Twice a Day Did you know... Read More

Tips for Dental Visit Anxiety

It’s common for patients to feel anxious about their dental appointments. At Advance Orthodontics, we work with you to the best of your comfort. Your smile and care are important to us. Some tips to help reduce dental anxiety: Speak Up – Ask questions, tell us about your concerns or fears. We’ll help you find... Read More

Fun Summer Foods

Summer 2017 is just around the corner and once again, Advance Orthodontics is here to tell you about fun summer foods. Don’t let braces stop you from enjoying refreshing, delicious summer snacks. The hot weather during summer makes us naturally reach for lighter foods. Plenty of these foods can keep you hydrated as well so... Read More

Dangerous DIY Dentistry

Fake braces are trending and we couldn’t be more horrified! “Omg awesome,” is the description on a recently uploaded YouTube video titled “How to make fake braces.” Far from the truth! Trends like home-made aligners and braces are not only a terrible idea but can be dangerous too. Foil, rubberbands, paper clips – don’t all... Read More

Believing in Tooth Fairies

From All Around the World Magic is the currency of childhood. To believe in elves, goblins, trolls and fairies is one of the pleasures of being little. Some spirits are dark and scary and help kids face their subconscious fears while others are light and sily and bringers of good fortune. The Tooth Fairy is... Read More

Stocking Stuffers with a Dental Twist!

Holiday stockings always include cute little knick-knacks, snacks or toys. At Advance Orthodontics we asked ourselves, why not include a dental twist? We’ve got some great stocking stuffer ideas, check it out! Breakfast Floss Start your day with the most important floss of the day! Flavors include: coffee, waffle, and bacon. Buy it on Amazon.... Read More
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